The House of Aziz & Walid Mouzannar are a family which have been creating jewellery since the 18th century and they continue this remarkable heritage with the Silene Collection, a range of exquisite cuffs and rings that unquestionably conveys their passion and inspirations. Their 6th generation designers Dori Mouzannar & Alia Mouzannar's work is contemporary and expressive, yet grounded with a genuine understanding of materiality and craftsmanship.
Silene Collection is informed by the fluidity and complexity of natural systems. An intricate web gently envelops the pristine gold pieces resulting in ethereal elements that explore the evolution of organic geometries and patterning.
 “Alia’s work celebrates materiality and composition in the rich history and traditions of Lebanon’s jewellers. Each immaculately detailed piece conveys formal complexity and precision with the highest standards of craftsmanship. Our collaboration with the House takes full advantage of Alia’s expertise and Dori’s knowledge to explore the beauty of natural forms and the unique properties of its materials.
Zaha Hadid