Design, Ingenuity, and performance.
His-story. “ A coming of age, an initiatic journey”
Reflecting the ultimate miracle of nature.
Performance, engineering, brilliance
Jewelry that a woman wears when words fail to express part of who they are. Powerful symbols of transformation, creativity ad potential. Instinct and trust. Life and technology. Organic and sublime.
Dory “makes jewels for people who love jewels, who are attracted by the spirit in the gem, the boldness of the statement and the fascination in the ornament. They dazzle at every turn.
Dory’s jewelry wear you so well, they dominate your look, holding in their mystery the power for change, liberation, and emancipation.
Dori Mouzannar joined the family business in 1991 after receiving his degree in economics in London and continuing with a specialization in gemology.
His artistic vision and sense of perfection led him to put together a skilled team of workers and renewed the company workshops. His designs introduce modernity to traditional jewelry, creating a timeless and unique character within each individual piece. Keeping in line with his ancestor’s heritage,
Dori puts his heart into his work with a daring style oriented towards seduction.

“Pieces of jewelry are not only sculptures but have to be wearable sculptures, and this is possible when technique and vision are put together”

“Faire des bijoux c’est un vrai métier…tu l’apprends sur le tard”

It all starts with the desire to design a piece of jewel that challenges form, proportions and beauty. Whatever it might be inspired from, an object, an animal, an idea, or an order, Dory likes to turn an intelligent thought into a jewel through a perceptive choice of gems, performance, engineering and brilliance in the making.
His designs intermingle the traditional with the modern, looking to infuse each piece with the character, timelessness, and sense of daring that his ancestors preserved for them to thrive through. “Its either perfect or it’s not. It’s a waste of energy to do things that are no useful.”

His jewels don’t go unnoticed, they shine with bright light, they are alive with movement, beauty, volumes, sin and sensuality, bold statements, opulence, powerful use of lots of colors and stones, all meticulously set. They move, like nature’s flora, marine deep waters, and women’s curves.
Inspired from natural phenomena that occurs with irregularity, and much unexpectedness.
You enter the universe of Dory like entering a different atmosphere. All together.
A luxury product with high perceived value.

His latest feats in creation are:
The “meteor” collection . It all started when a Qatari ordered a a pair of cuff lings, he wanted it to be set in stones. Meteor was born, with a genuine thought, how to set it with many different sizes of stones. A very hard goal to produce. Some pieces from the “meteor” collection could have more than 20 different sizes of stones, 20 different shades. A result that only nature, and organism can achieve or inspire.

The “meteor” pinkie ring, is a little beauty of a ring, a must have, like a coming of age of a woman, and part of her adulthood, a mental and spiritual fetish, juju, proof of womanhood.
Declined in unusual colors, it fits the pinkie fingers of unusual women, who uses their hands to express part of themselves words cannot express.


Design is his priority. Twice a year Dory concentrates on designing his pieces, and the rest of the time, produces them, shares them, and market them.
Like his father and his brother, Dory has gained the trust of all his client.
A very dedicated business man, happy to create and to gather people around the house. His manners and gentleman attitude goes well together withnthe elegant dames that come to visit the house.

But he needs to see the company grow beyond the actual boundaries. This is the school he belongs to. Dory is a business man before being an artist.
Dory thinks about what’s demanded from the house, the trends in the market, the mood of the moment, the desire of women.
Fame for Dory is to be talked about. Everywhere, in the fashionable urban society of Beirut, Paris, or London. One precious piece at a time. The latest collaboration with Zaha Hadid on the silene cuff was a performance in design , choice of expensive stones, and perfection. London, Paris and Dubai saw the cuff being adorned.

Dory’s preferred all time piece: The ruby stone that his father offered to his mother when dory was born 47 years ago. 30 years later, Dory turned the stone into a beautiful ring set in black diamonds. A first at the time. A ring that remain in the family, as his mother gave it to his wife the day he got married.
Out of this story, is born the unique signature of Dory, a small ruby stone, a signature on all his creations, a powerful knock out color, the color of blood. A little stone sitting in discretion, yet noticed at first glance.

“My ultimate satisfaction, is when people call me and make an order over the phone, with a total trust, which is rare, just an order that Dory takes as a springboard to create for the person specifically and for himself ultimately, with perfection in mind to mix both. A client could easily order a million dollars piece on the phone and gift it without even seeing it…..There is always a purpose and a goal before doing the piece. I work hard on every piece, and it shows. What I put in the jewel shows off with elegance, and truthfulness.”

Timeless pieces, an ode to women, who like their jewelry to be noticed, gets complimented on them, even years later!

DORY’S mentor in the history of jewelry makers, is JAHR, Joel Arthur Rosenthal, who was known for his bold attitude, creations and story.